A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Arboretum is a short adventure game, created using Godot Engine and GOAT. It takes about 10 - 20 minutes to complete. It is graphic-intensive, so it might not run on older hardware.

All the resources used in this project are listed here:

NOTE: MacOS version does not run out-of-the-box, you need to follow the instructions for running unsigned Godot apps:


Arboretum_1.0.0_Windows.zip 684 MB
Arboretum_1.0.0_Linux.zip 685 MB
Arboretum_1.0.0_MacOS.zip 697 MB


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looks fun but cant figure out the generator puzzle. tried everything i could with the combo but nothing was working

Hi! Thank you for playing Arboretum and sharing your thoughts! :) A hint for the puzzle: you need to find the right combination of pressing the Left and Right buttons, as well as rotating the knob with dot symbols (*, **, ***). For more info I would point you to your faithful "Arboretum Assistant" (aka the laptop :P ).

yeah i did LR then turned to ** then LL then turned to *** then did RL and it didnt work. messed around with that combo and nothing worked

Almost correct! :) The Assistant shows which steps should be performed one by one, so:
- press L
- press R
- set the dial to *

You only missed the solution by one turn of the dial :)

oh so i would turn the dial to *** then start following the code? alright ill give it a try

that worked. thank you!


I'm glad I could help! And I hope you enjoyed the rest of this short game ;)